The correct use of high-temperature cooking bags in food production


With the continuous development of technology, high-temperature cooking bags have been widely used as a new type of food packaging material in the food production process. High temperature steaming bags have excellent high-temperature resistance, good sealing performance, and food safety performance, which can effectively protect the freshness of food and extend its shelf life. So, how to use high-temperature cooking bags correctly in the food production process? This article will provide you with a detailed introduction.

  • Selection of high-temperature cooking bags

    In the food production process, the first step is to choose a suitable high-temperature steaming bag. Based on factors such as processing temperature, storage conditions, and shelf life of food, choose suitable materials, specifications, and performance for high-temperature cooking bags. At present, the common high-temperature cooking bags in the market mainly include materials such as polyester (PET), nylon (PA), polypropylene (PP), etc. These materials have different high-temperature resistance and physical properties, and should be selected according to actual needs.

  • Cleaning and disinfection of high-temperature cooking bags

    Before using high-temperature cooking bags, they should be cleaned and disinfected to ensure the hygiene and safety of food. Firstly, rinse the newly purchased high-temperature cooking bag with clean warm water to remove surface dust and impurities. Then, professional disinfectants or ultraviolet disinfection equipment are used to disinfect the high-temperature cooking bags, ensuring their sterile state.

  • Filling and sealing of food

    After cleaning and disinfecting the high-temperature steaming bag, fill the prepared food into the bag. During the filling process, it is important to avoid contact between food and the inner wall of the bag to prevent contamination of the food. After filling, seal the high-temperature cooking bag. When sealing, it is necessary to ensure a tight seal to prevent air and bacteria from entering the inside of the bag, which may affect the hygiene and safety of food.

  • High temperature cooking

    Put the filled high-temperature cooking bag into the high-temperature cooking equipment for cooking treatment. During the cooking process, it is important to control the temperature and time to ensure that the food is fully cooked, while avoiding damage to food quality caused by excessively high temperatures. In general, the temperature of high-temperature cooking is controlled between 120-135 ℃ and the time is 30-60 minutes. During the cooking process, it is necessary to constantly observe the changes in the food to ensure the cooking effect.

  • Cooling and storage

    After high-temperature cooking is completed, remove the food from the cooking equipment and perform natural cooling or forced cooling. After cooling to room temperature, store the food in refrigeration or freezing equipment. During storage, avoid high temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight to avoid affecting the quality and taste of food.

  • Precautions for use

    • Avoid contact between high-temperature cooking bags and sharp objects to avoid scratching the bags and affecting sealing performance.

    • Avoid exposing high-temperature cooking bags to high temperature environments for a long time to prevent aging and becoming brittle.

    • Avoid chemical corrosion on high-temperature cooking bags, such as acids, alkalis, and other substances.

    • Avoid high-temperature cooking bags from being exposed to ultraviolet radiation to prevent material aging.

    • Follow the relevant regulations and standards for food production to ensure the hygiene and safety of food.

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The correct use of high-temperature cooking bags in food production can not only ensure the hygiene and safety of food, but also extend the shelf life of food and improve its quality.

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