The Best Material Selection for Baking Biscuit Packaging Bags


With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for food packaging are also increasing. As one of the popular snacks in daily life, the material selection of the packaging bag for cookies is particularly important. In the sales process of baked cookies, packaging bags not only protect cookies and extend their shelf life, but also play an important role in brand image and consumer experience. Therefore, choosing the appropriate packaging material is crucial for the success of baking cookies. This article will introduce several common materials for baking biscuit packaging bags, analyze their advantages and disadvantages, and help baking merchants make the best material selection.

  • Paper packaging bags

    Paper packaging bags are an environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging material suitable for a variety of baked biscuits. Its advantages include:

    • Environmental protection: Paper packaging bags are easy to recycle and reuse, reducing environmental pollution.

    • Good printing effect: The paper surface is smooth, and the printing pattern is clear, which helps to enhance the brand image.

    • Low cost: Paper packaging bags have a relatively low cost and are suitable for the mid to low-end market.

        However, paper packaging bags also have some drawbacks:

    • Poor waterproof performance: Paper packaging bags are prone to moisture, causing cookies to become soft and moldy.

    • Limited barrier performance: Paper packaging bags have relatively weak barrier performance against air and moisture, which is not conducive to extending the shelf life of biscuits.

  • Plastic packaging bags

    Plastic packaging bags are a common packaging material for baking cookies, which have the following advantages:

    • Waterproof and moisture-proof: Plastic packaging bags can effectively prevent moisture from entering and keep cookies dry.

    • Good barrier performance: Plastic packaging bags have strong barrier performance against air and moisture, which helps to extend the shelf life of cookies.

    • High transparency: Plastic packaging bags have high transparency, making it easy for consumers to observe the quality of cookies.

        But plastic packaging bags also have some drawbacks:

    • Environmental issues: Plastic packaging bags are difficult to degrade and can easily cause environmental pollution.

    • High cost: Compared to paper packaging bags, plastic packaging bags have a higher cost.

  • Aluminum foil composite packaging bag

    Aluminum foil composite packaging bag is a composite packaging material that combines aluminum foil and other materials (such as plastic and paper), with the following advantages:

    • Superior barrier performance: Aluminum foil composite packaging bags have excellent barrier performance, which can effectively prevent moisture, air, light and other damage to cookies, and extend the shelf life.

    • High temperature resistance: Aluminum foil composite packaging bags are resistant to high temperatures and suitable for heat sealing packaging of baked biscuits.

    • Beautiful and generous: The aluminum foil composite packaging bag has a smooth and bright appearance, which helps to enhance the brand image.

        However, the cost of aluminum foil composite packaging bags is also relatively high, making them suitable for the high-end market.

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The material selection of baking biscuit packaging bags should consider multiple factors such as environmental protection, safety, aesthetics, and economy. Baking merchants can choose appropriate packaging materials based on their own needs and product characteristics to enhance brand image and consumer experience.

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