Application Cases of High Barrier Bags in Food Packaging



With the increasingly strict requirements for packaging materials in the food industry, high barrier bags have gradually become the choice for food packaging due to their unique performance. High barrier bags can effectively prevent the penetration of oxygen, water vapor, odor, and microorganisms, thereby extending the shelf life of food while maintaining its freshness and taste. As a company focused on high-quality food manufacturing, it faces the challenge of extending product shelf life and improving packaging aesthetics.


We recommended the use of high barrier bags as a packaging solution for our customers. The co extrusion technology used in high barrier bags,the following are the solutions we provide to our customers:

food packaging bag

High barrier performance: High barrier bags can effectively prevent oxygen, water vapor, and odors from entering, thereby extending the shelf life of food. It can prevent oxidation reactions, reduce product spoilage and spoilage, and ensure the freshness and nutritional value of food.In addition that some special gas regulated packaging (such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide filling) can further improve the preservation effect.

1. Meat and seafood:

  • High barrier bags can prevent the penetration of water and oxygen, reduce bacterial growth, and thus extend the shelf life of meat.

  • For seafood products, high barrier bags can also prevent contamination by odors and odors.

2. Dairy products:

  • High barrier bags can effectively prevent the entry of oxygen and water vapor, maintaining the taste and nutritional value of dairy products.

  • Some special packaging structures, such as self standing bags, can provide better display effects and convenience.

3. Nuts and dried fruits:

  • High barrier bags can prevent the entry of oxygen and water, delay oxidation reactions, and extend the shelf life of nuts and dried fruits.

  • Some high barrier bags also have moisture and mold resistance, further protecting the product from contamination.

4. Juice and Beverages:

  • High barrier bags can prevent the escape of oxygen and carbon dioxide, maintaining the freshness and taste of beverages.

  • Some special coatings or lamination techniques can increase the gas barrier performance of high barrier bags.

5. Prefabricated and frozen foods:

  • High barrier bags can maintain the quality and nutritional value of food during freezing and thawing processes.

  • Special lamination or sealing techniques can ensure the sealing and tear resistance of the bag.


High barrier bags are widely used in food packaging, providing effective protection and preservation solutions for various types of food. Choosing appropriate high barrier materials and packaging structures is crucial for ensuring the quality, safety, and consumer experience of food. Through the case analysis in this article, we can see the successful application of high barrier bags in various food categories, proving their important value in food packaging.

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