Plastic Vacuum Sealer Pouches For Food

Vacuum pouches for food are laminated Plastic Vacuum Sealer Pouches For Food perfect for packing foods for proper storage and transportation. These vacuum seal plastic pouch and pouch bags are completely air tight and prohibit the entry of moisture and oxygen inside them. Their multilayer construction enables this and increases their durability. At Universal Plastics, we provide high-quality plastic vacuum storage bags, which offer good impact resistance.

Vacuum Pouches Pack Plastic Bag For Food

We are the leader in the development and production of vacuum pouches for food. The main function of vacuum packaging bag in addition to vacuum packaging has the function of preserving oxygen, there are mainly pressure resistance, air resistance, preservation and other functions, can more effectively maintain the original color, aroma, taste, shape and nutritional value of food for a long time.

Vacuum plastic bag for food is used for packing all kinds of cooked meat food, convenient to use, health, is conducive to prevent food spoilage.

Printed Frozen Food Packaging Vacuum Pouches Food Bags

Printed Frozen Food Packaging Vacuum Pouches Food Bags can use for different kinds food packaging, be vacuumed, extend the shelf life of the food.
The frozen food packaging bag have strong barrier, can keep the food well, and also the vacuum food bag have strong Resistance to oxygen Penetrate.
Our vacuum pouches for food can printing your design outside, and also PA material inside can keep it resitance to falling down test.

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