Sealable Instant Coffee Pouch Bags With Valve

Our Sealable Instant Coffee Pouch Bags With Valve pull tab makes it easy to open and the zipper provides a tight seal when closed, keeping your coffee fresher, longer! The packaging is important and choosing the right one matters. Thanks to the pull tab, customers can easily open and reclose the bag to maintain product freshness after purchase. Fujinplastic adding certain valuable features can really enhance your product brand and impact the sales of your product. A good rule of thumb is to have your product stand out from your competitors while sitting on the shelf, and offer ease of use after purchase.

Resealable Bulk Empty Coffee Bags

Resealable Bulk Empty Coffee Bags is a Box Bottom Coffee Bag that has a sliver finish. The four seal design allows this product to stand up right for great shelf presence. The top comes open for easy loading and then can be heat sealed closed to become tamper resistant. On the front of the coffee bag is a pocket zipper that stays securely closed until the tear strip is removed. This bag is made from 5 mil high barrier, food safe materials to lock in freshness. A degassing valve ensures the product stays fresh. The opaque sliver finish provides ample space for branding.

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